Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just getting started?

Take a deep breathe and know very shortly you will be a "pro" in your new vegan lifestyle!
The first step in your transformation as a vegan is knowing there's a ton of food options where ever you go, just learn how to order when your out and don't be afraid to ask for a certain meal. Also Vegan living allows a lot of creativity in your cooking. Yes you have to cook!!! It's very important that you start taking better care of yourself through planing & prepping out your meals. Try not to eat out as much when you are starting off, you may get frustrated and honestly you may order something with beef broth or dairy products in it and not know it until you get home a feel like crap!

I run into so many people who talk about how unsuccessful their last diet was or they just gave up because it was too hard and it didn't fit into their lifestyle after a while. The truth is being vegan is your lifestyle, it's not a diet or trendy have to be serious about healthy living and make this your forever lifestyle change!! It's all about the investment and time your putting into yourself...starting with everything you eat. " You are what you eat" we have all heard that quote! If you eat something greasy don't you feel like crap? Our bodies communicate with us on what it wants to eat or never eat again, it is our job to listen and follow what its telling us. Start a journal of what you eat, track how you feel 10 minutes and 1 hour after eating. Write down how you feel the next day and keep a log of what foods are good and not so good for your system. Listening and following through is key to a successful healthy lifestyle.


  1. Next post is about purging your kitchen & cabinets. Start learning how to read labels and what hidden truth is in most ingredients.

  2. Let me know if there's a topic or something you need guidance on hopefully I can help through my own experiences!